Letter From Our Founder

In 2008, I began formulating a mission: to bring together abused and neglected animals with abused and neglected people. In 2009, Ranch Hands Rescue became a 501(c)(3) public charity. Today, our fully licensed professional counselors specialize in trauma-focused therapy, Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling (EAAC), and other therapeutic modalities to give our clients the experience of relating their personal pain to that of our healing animals.

When rescuing farm animals, I focus on the “worst-of-the-worst” cases, the “throw-aways” that usually get euthanized rather than treated. I believe with all my heart that God brings them to me because we are their last hope. Through my own experience with rescued animals, I realized their therapeutic impact on our mental health.

I started the EAAC program in 2010 after finding that an estimated 5% of individuals just don’t do well in a traditional counseling office setting; they “get stuck” and eventually fall through the cracks. I asked myself, “What happens to them? Where do they go for help?”

My goal became to serve innocent survivors of trauma, regardless of their ability to pay. Our cutting-edge counseling program provides an effective and alternate form of treatment for those suffering from sexual assault, physical abuse, domestic violence, and other deeply affective life experiences.

In addition, we’re starting plans for Bob’s House of Hope, a safe house exclusively for sex-trafficked young men to go for long-term housing while they start healing from the horrors of slavery. Boys are drastically overlooked as victims; oftentimes they blame themselves for their circumstances. To exacerbate the problem, the general public has little knowledge of the subject. We cannot stand for this social stigma any longer. Our mission is to forge a path toward educating society on this problem. Ranch Hands Rescue has always been a refuge for victims who fall through the cracks. Now we will take our reach even further.

We will be the first in the country to offer shelter solely to male victims of sex trafficking aged 18-24. The State Department cites global statistics estimating that boys and men may represent nearly 50% of total sex trafficking victims, but agencies find particular difficulty identifying male victims and catering to their unique needs. Bob’s House of Hope intends on finding a solution to a demonstrably overlooked problem for this group of young men.

If you or a loved one is in need of counseling, do not hesitate to contact us to begin a new path of hope, healing, and positive transformation.

Thank you for your support! God Bless!

Robert F. Williams


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